Heron Foods launches new Saver Card

Makinson Arcade  Heron Foods launches new Saver Card

Heron Foods launches new Saver Card

saving-heroHeron Foods has launched its new savings stamps ‘Saver Card’, offering one of the best rewarding and most flexible loyalty bonuses of any discount retailer.

The savings stamps scheme, which offers a £1 bonus for every £29 stamps purchased, has been created to provide an easy way for Heron Foods customers to save for groceries, many of whom will buy stamps to help spread the cost of special occasions throughout the year, including Christmas.

According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, saving for Christmas is a priority for families, particularly those with children. A quarter of people surveyed say they have already started saving for Christmas 2016 and using saving stamps is a popular and easy way to help shoppers to spread the cost.

Heron Foods customers can buy £1 stamps at the checkout, putting a little away each week or month, and anyone redeeming a full Saver Card (with £29 worth of stamps) at any time of the year will also receive an extra £1 bonus.

Commercial director, Mike Igoe, said: “A savings stamps scheme is something our customers have been asking for, so we’re delighted to now be in a position to introduce it to every one of our 240+ stores in the North of England and the Midlands.

“This scheme will help our customers save easily for anything they want and spend their money at any time of the year. The launch of our Saver Card proves that we really have our customers at the very top of our priorities.”
Plus our very own Heron Foods store is now open every Sunday between 10am and 4pm. See you there!